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I offer two different classes, Traditional Bookbinding, and Binding a Blank. Each class meets for 2.5 hours a week, and costs $40 per session. All classes are held in my studio in Cambridge, which is located between Harvard Square and Porter Square. I offer evening classes (6h30-9pm) and morning classes (10am-12h30pm), for 2-4 students at a time.

This class is conducted “a la carte” style, meaning that students choose individual projects and the emphasis is on one-on-one instruction. Students learn the process involved in traditional bookbinding and practice it on their own books. Students make 2 books over the course of several months, usually beginning with one book bound in cloth and one 1/4 leather binding, though some students bring a book to repair. I guide each student through the process; instruction is delivered primarily one-on-one because I teach to all levels of experience and because students are often at different stages in the process. Some students can complete 2 books in three months while others need more time (it all depends upon the condition and size of a book). If a student chooses to continue, he or she can move to more leather work and fine binding. Openings available for morning. Contact me here to register.

In this class, students will learn the foundations of bookbinding while creating two blank books. Step by step, students will be guided through the process of making one case-in binding (Bradel) and one laced-in binding (a tight-back binding common in traditional French bookbinding). The emphasis of this class will be on group instruction and students will work through the process simultaneously. Openings available for morning and evening. Contact me here to register.

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