I practice fine French bookbinding in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I specialize in creating handcrafted bindings with original designs using paper, cloth, leather, and wood.

I began bookbinding while living in France in 2000. After completing Anne Vion’s introductory bookbinding course, I stayed on as her apprentice. I have practiced and taught bookbinding for 11 years in various venues, including studios in both France and the US, the Paper Source in Cambridge, and Harcourt Bindery in Boston. I return to France regularly to refine my skills, and have studied with some of Europe’s leading bookbinders, including Edgard Claes, Sün Evrard, Michel Richard, and Florent Rousseau.

My work combines impeccable craftsmanship with a flair for design. Whether orthodox or avant-garde, my books are clean and distinctive. I mix traditional techniques with modern materials, and enjoy using wood and polycarbonate in contemporary bindings.


Sade, Oeuvres (detail), illustrated by Giani Esposito, 1953. Full leather binding in white calfskin.